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The Bridewells of Hitchin

A History of Local Imprisonment, by Simon Walker The first recorded bridewell in Hitchin lay at the lower end of Tylers (Tilehouse) Street, next to the workhouse, between the junctions of Sun Street and Bucklesbury, and on the south side…

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Playing Cards Created by Prisoners at Wymondham Bridewell

Neil Haverson, one of the curators at Wymondham Heritage Museum, tells us the fascinating story of the creation of set of playing cards from the pages of the New Testament by female prisoners confined in the Wymondham County Bridewell. On…

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Gaols and Lock-Ups in Neath

Martyn J. Griffiths, from the Neath Antiquarian Society, tells us more about the gaols and lock-ups in Neath, between the 14th and the 20th century. The earliest goal in Neath was probably inside the castle.  The castle had fallen into…

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Halliwell Lock-Up

On hearing our call for help to fill our Local Lock-ups Database , Margaret Koppens, secretary of the Halliwell Local History Society, Bolton, got in touch to tell us about her local lock-up… A recent edition of the quarterly magazine…

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Help us identify this prison – Updated

We have a photograph taken outside a prison in the early to mid-20th century. Can you help us identify it? One of our Prison History subscribers got in touch with a photograph she found in her family’s archive. It is…

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