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The Castle Cary Round House

Local historian, Chris Hicks, tells us about the various uses of the Castle Cary Round House over its lifetime, from holding pen for truant children to licensed wedding venue… Primarily intended for the temporary incarceration of drunkards and other miscreants,…

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How to use the Census for Prisons Research

Struggling to find information on staff and prisoners at a particular prison? If there are no registers of prisoners or staff available, then an alternative path could be to use the Census for prisons research. Background The first decennial census…

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Historic images of lock-ups: ‘Before and after’ edition

The power of ‘before and after’ shots can show us how our local lock-ups have changed – often over the span of centuries. Over the past few weeks the team at Prison History have been delighted to receive a wealth…

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Featured Lock-up: St Osyth Cage

To coincide with Halloween 2019, our featured lock-up for this month is St Osyth Cage in Essex, a lock-up apparently haunted by one of its former inmates… a local woman imprisoned and hanged for witchcraft in the 1500s! St Osyth…

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Restoring the Old Police Station in Chipping Campden

In this blog, Carol Jackson of the Chipping Campden History Society explains how the restoration of the Old Police Station was made possible through the establishment of a community venture scheme: The Peelers Trust. The Old Police Station in Chipping…

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