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We want Your Local Lock-Up to be as comprehensive as possible. For that, we need your help. We are actively seeking details of any structure used for temporary confinement up to the end of the twentieth century – including purpose-built lock-ups, cells in police stations, town halls and courthouses, and stocks, to name just a few.

Please use the form below to submit a new lock-up to our database. Before you start, you might like to check whether we have your lock up in the database already – please click on ‘Find a Lock-Up’ to see. If we do already have your lock-up, please do use the links on the record display to give us any additional information you might have, especially any descriptions or images, historic or contemporary.

If you are submitting a new lock-up to the database, we understand that you might not have much information about it. We are just grateful for anything you can tell us! Most of all, we would really like to know its location (parish or town will do), when it was operational, and about where information on it comes from.

If you have any questions about this process, or about the information required by the fields below, take a look at our User Guide, or get in touch. If you have information on multiple lock-ups that you would like to give us, please get in touch or consider becoming a contributor. Many thanks in advance for giving up your time to do this – it is much appreciated!

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