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The historical, line-drawings of nineteenth-century prisons which appear in the background to the banner and icons on this site have been derived from Henry Mayhew and John Binny’s Criminal Prisons of London and Scenes of Prison Life (London, Griffin, Bohn & Co., 1862) (in the private collection of Rosalind Crone, project lead for Prison History).

For images associated with specific institutions, attribution and copyright information appears alongside the image.

If you are submitting images of prisons listing in this resource in order to enhance the database, we would be grateful if you could include attribution and copyright information with the image.


If you wish to use material from this website in publications you should give appropriate credit. In line with standard practice, please include the URL and the date on which you accessed the website.

We recommend using the following system for citations:

  • To cite the project as a whole: Prison History (, [date accessed])
  • When attributing the use of information on a particular prison: Prison History, [Prison Name], (Prison History URL/reference ID, [date accessed]). For example: Bedford County Gaol and House of Correction (, 12 April 2018).

When using the e-book version of the database, the Guide to the Criminal Prisons of Nineteenth-Century England, please cite as you would any other print publication. For example:

  • Rosalind Crone with Lesley Hoskins and Rebecca Preston, Guide to the Criminal Prisons of Nineteenth-Century England (Centre for the History of Crime, Policing and Justice, The Open University, 2018).

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