Northleach County Police Station




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Nation   England

County   Gloucestershire

Location   Fosseway (A429)  Northleach

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   1859

Year closed   1973

Century of Operation   1800-1899, 1900-1999

Building Type   Prison, Police Station

Remarks   In 1859, a police station was established in the Mill House, one of the buildings of the Northleach House of Correction. At the same time, the ground floor of the Keeper's House was converted into a courtroom for the Northleach Petty Sessions. Although the prison had officially closed in 1857, it continued to accommodate prisoners on remand. The Police Superintendent also served as the Keeper of the House of Correction. Cells in the North House, the former female prison, were used for the remand prisoners. The station closed in 1973 when a new police station was opened in Northleach town.

Description: The exterior of the Mill House, converted into the County Police Station in 1859.

Photo by: © Rosalind Crone, 2019

Description: Sign above the door

Photo by: © Rosalind Crone, 2019

Description: Cells in the North House, or former female prison, used to accommodate prisoners on remand when the building was functioning as a police station

Photo by: © Rosalind Crone, 2019

Description: The Northleach Petty Sessions courtroom. Located in the old Keeper's House

Photo by: © Rosalind Crone, 2019


    Michael Banks, The Old Prison: The Story of the House of Correction at Northleach (Friends of the Cotswolds, 2013).


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