Neath Police Station (Windsor Road)




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Nation   Wales

County   Glamorganshire

Location   7 Windsor Road,  Neath

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   1937

Year closed   1996

Century of Operation   1800-1899, 1900-1999

Building Type   Police Station and Courts

Remarks   Police station built in 1937 on the site of older premises built in 1862. Now a pub called The David Protheroe owned by J D Wetherspoon.


'This building, now a JD Wetherspoon pub, was formerly Neath’s police station. It closed in 1996...The pub is named The David Protheroe after the town’s first policeman. He was Neath’s sole police officer from February 1836 to December 1837, when he resigned and was replaced by three officers....He had probably worked from home, as Neath’s first police station, in James Street, wasn’t built until 1844...[A] new station opened [at 7 Windsor Road] in 1862...The police station was rebuilt in 1937, with a police court above. A second court was added later, above a garage at the rear. From 1962 the entire building was used for police operations. '

History Points, 'Former Police Station, Neath' (citing Martyn Griffiths of Neath Antiquarian Society).

'The Neath Borough Police Force was established on 9th February 1836. David Protheroe was appointed as the first police officer to serve for the force. Protheroe remained the sole force representative until December 1837, when he was replaced by Jenkin Francis. Francis became the head officer, and Samuel Stephens and Thomas Francis were appointed as his assistants....[A] new police station and gaol was built in James Street [c.1844 but moved to new premises in Windsor Road in 1862].'

South Wales Police Museum, 'History of the Neath Borough Police Force'.

Featured Images

  • The David Protheroe, NeathPhoto © Jaggery (cc-by-sa/2.0)


    History Points, 'Former Police Station, Neath' (citing Martyn Griffiths of Neath Antiquarian Society).

  • South Wales Police Museum, 'History of the Neath Borough Police Force'



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  1. Mark Foot

    In the early years of the 1900’s my relation William Higgins was Chief Constable of Neath. I wonder if there is a picture of the police station at that time?

    Many thanks Mark

    • Rosalind Crone

      Hi Mark, you have a fascinating ancestor in your tree! We’d love a picture of this police station too. Hopefully by putting this comment up, we might get some help with that.

  2. Sharon Andrews

    My maternal grandfather Robert Kilpatrick was briefly Chief Constable of Neath Police, 1899-1900.
    He then became Chief constable of Chesterfield Police.

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