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As we have only recently launched the Prison History site, and because we are already looking towards version two, we are very keen to have your feedback. We have designed two surveys for users of the site who broadly identify as either archivists or local historians. We would love to know what you think of the design of the site, its usability, and the information it holds. We have also come up with ideas of how we might improve the resource, or collaborate with you in the future, to better reflect and help develop your interests in the history of imprisonment. We would be so grateful if you could give some of your time to complete one of our surveys.

If you do not identify as an archivist or local historian, and want to provide feedback, we would be so pleased to hear from you! Please do email Rosalind at, or use our contact form. Similarly, if you have any ideas about ways we could improve user engagement with the site, or thoughts on possible future collaborations, that are not covered by the surveys below (or even if they are and you are keen to get involved) please get in touch.

Finally, if you would like to be informed of future updates to the site and project events, please do email We would be very happy to add you to our mailing list. (For information on how we store and use personal data on our mailing list, please see the Privacy Notice for the Centre for the History of Crime Policing and Justice at The Open University.)

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