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Eastby Lock-Up


Location   Barden Road, opposite the former Mason's Arms pub (now a house),  Eastby, (Embsay-with-Eastby Parish),

County   Yorkshire

Year Opened   Unknown

Year Closed   c.1850

Century of Operation   1800-1899

Remarks   A building opposite the old Mason's Arms public house on Barden Road is popularly known as the lock-up or Eastby Jail. Recent research by the local history society has shown that this building is not the original lock-up house (though it is possible that that it might have been used in the late 19th century). The original Eastby Jail was located a few metres away and was demolished between 1847 and 1851. A lay-by now marks the site of the original lock-up. A full account of the research can be found here: https://www.prisonhistory.org/will-the-real-eastby-jail-please-stand-up/

A lay-by, believed to be the site of the original Eastby Jail (or lock-up). © Jane and Chris Lunnon (with kind permission).

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  • '[A description of the building popularly known as Eastby Jail, but which was likely not the original lock-up] On the opposite side of the road is the old jail or "lock-up", where inebriated customers of the Masons' Arms were placed by the local constable to spend the night...On the following day they were given a job to do on the village vegetable plot known as the jail field to this day. [Citing Embsay with Eastby Local History Group booklet, edited by Winifred Wharton, 1970s]...Interior 12ft x 12ft '
    Roy's Blog, 'YORKSHIRE. Lock-ups at Eastby, Fairburn and Heptonstall'.


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