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Tring Lock-Up


Location   Church Square, High Street,  Tring

County   Hertfordshire

Year Opened   1680

Year Closed   Unknown

Century of Operation   1700-1799

Remarks   Lock-up situated under the old Market House. Out of use many years before Market House demolished in 1901

Tring Old Market House, 1890sCourtesy of Ian Petticrew. Original copyright unknown

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  • ' In 1680 a MARKET HOUSE was built here [Church Square] under a charter granted to Henry Guy, who acquired the Manor of Great Tring from the Crown. In 1901 the building was demolished'
    Tim Amsden, Tring Town Council, 'Tring Town Trail', 1994


  • Tim Amsden, Tring Town Council, 'Tring Town Trail', 1994