Wrington Lock Up



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Nation   England

County   Somerset

Location   4, High Street  Wrington

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   1825

Year closed   unknown

Century of Operation   1800-1899

Building Type   Lock Up

Remarks   Now sandwiched between two houses. Front of lock-up was constable's office. Cells behind were windowless.


'1825. January 7th. Specification and Contract for Building a lock up house at Wrington joining to Mr. Jos. Durhams. A Double inch Oak Door with large head nails, Oak Frame to ditto 4 X 4, two inch Oak doors for the cells. Ditto to be hung with pivotts, Lock, Bolts and hinges of good materials and Quality. 1½ in. seats with boxes to ditto for the outside room and seats in the cells, the ceiling joice 4½ X 2 the rafters 3½ X 2¼, the purloins ditto 5½ X 4¼, the whole to be of Red Deal and covered with Queen slate and freestone carcase, with 2½ rabetted Battens and Copper Nails, a freestone Chimney piece and freestone chimney head, the wall in front to be faced with Nailsea Pennant and plinth course under. The wall to be of common stone as the plan directs, the 2 inside cells to be brick arched and plaistered 1 coat, the outside room to be plaistered 2 coats, and ceiled. -A Nailsea step in front, and a good Banwell or Nailsea stone floor, with 2 grates in the cells for sink. 1 stove grate. The whole to be done according to the Plan and in a good substantial and workmanlike manner, to the satisfaction of the Vestry by me James Cook, for the sum of £36.'

Somerset Records Office, Ref: D/P/Wri (reproduced at http://www.wringtonsomerset.org.uk/history/villagerecords/page75.html)

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    Roy's Blog, 'Somerset. Lock-up at Wrington and demolished lock-up detail.' (13 July 2013)

  • http://roys-roy.blogspot.com/2013/07/somerset-lock-up-at-wrington.html
  • Wrington Village Records, Studies of the history of a Somerset Village, The village "lock-up", 1825, Pages 75 - 78

  • http://www.wringtonsomerset.org.uk/history/villagerecords/page75.html


Archive name: Somerset Archives and Local Studies

Catalogue ref: D/P/wri/13/10/2

Collection: Wrington parish records 

Description: Agreement, specification and Bill for building Lock-up. Described as next to Wood's office (c.1940).

Dates: 1825-1826, post 1937


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