Twickenham Lock-Up



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Alternative Names   Cage, lock-up, Crosshouse, and Round House

Nation   England

County   Middlesex

Location   Unknown but either on the Common near 'Gateway' and/or junction of Colne Road and Heath Road,  Twickenham

Map location   in the vicinity

Year opened   1684

Year closed   Unknown

Century of Operation   1600-1699, 1700-1799

Building Type   Lock-Up

Remarks   Probably in two or more town-centre locations. Now demolished.


'Twickenham appears to have made provision for a Watch House, lock-up, and whipping post in 1684 when, on 1 February the Vestry ordered that the "crosshouse” was to be boarded up and "made in ye manner of a cage with a strong lock and keye, and also the Stocks be repayred and a whipping post to be new set up”within a fortnight..."at the Sundial in the middle of the Town"' In 1731 Twickenham built a new watch house. 'It may have stood, at first, on land at the junction of Colne Road and Heath Road' but in 1765, may have been moved (along with the stocks) to a 'suitable site upon the Common, at a dry spot near to the "Gateway"' Additionally, 'There is a print of St Mary's Church showing a small cabin standing at the corner of the churchyard wall, in 1796. This might have been for the use of a night watchman'

The Twickenham Museum, 'The Watch House, Stocks & Pillory: The administration of summary justice and quarantine 1684',

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    Roy's Blog, 'GREATER LONDON. Lock-ups at Cranford, Hampstead, Stoke Newington and Biggin Hill.' (29 June 2013)

  • The Twickenham Museum, 'The Watch House, Stocks & Pillory: The administration of summary justice and quarantine 1684',



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