Totnes Lock-Up



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Nation   England

County   Devon

Location   8 Seymour Place, north of Old Forge Guest House,  Totnes

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   Unknown

Year closed   Unknown

Century of Operation   1700-1799, 1800-1899

Building Type   Lock-Up

Remarks   Grade II listed.


'Lock-up. Probably C18 or early C19. Local limestone and slate rubble. Barrel- vaulted stone rubble roof clad in mass concrete which probably replaces slate roofing. Small square single cell building in the form of a lean-to adjoining the back of a cart-shed. There is a straight masonry joint between the two buildings at upper level only. The South front has a doorway to the left, the lintel replaced with a concrete lintel. An iron grille door is to be re-instated. To right a rectangular window opening with stone frame; the sandstone jambs have been reused, they are hollow-chamfered and with glazing grooves; the sandstone lintel has been roughly chamfered to match and the granite cill is also chamfered. The window has iron bars without glazing. It appears on Elliot's map of Bridgetown, 1825 (Devon Records Office 867B/ES3A) which shows the house and smithy to the south (The Old Forge Guest House) not to have existed at that time. Source: M Laithwaite.'

Historic England, National Heritage List for England, 'Lock Up immediately north of the Old Forge Guest House', Totnes, LEN1237073

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    Historic England, National Heritage List for England, 'Lock Up immediately north of the Old Forge Guest House', Totnes, LEN1237073

  • Roy's Blog, 'DEVON. Lock-ups at Axminster, Dartmouth, Denbury, Ipplepen, Paignton, Sidmouth, Torquay and Totnes.' (03 May 2013)



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