Marden Lock-Up




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Nation   England

County   Kent

Location   Island site at junction of Howland Road and Albion Road,  Marden

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   Unknown

Year closed   Unknown

Building Type   Lock-Up

Remarks   Adjacent to the old court house (now a farm shop). The existing building is a replica lock-up built in the 1980s and the photograph below shows the rear this building. Yalden churchwardens inspected Marden's lock-up design when building their own (see separate listing). Stocks stood nearby.


'The building known locally as the Court House (or Cross House) probably dates from the early 15th Century....To the right [stood] the original lock-up which was used to imprison offenders...[It had] a chimney in it. This building was replaced in the 1980s with a replica, but this time without the chimney or fireplace...Closer to our own times the Court House has been a butcher’s shop and the lock-up next door a cobbler’s. '

The History of Marden, 'Court House'

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  • Marden Farm Shop: early August 2015Photo © Basher Eyre (cc-by-sa/2.0)


    The History of Marden, 'Court House'



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