Little Bowden Police Station and Magistrates’ Court



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Nation   England

County   Northamptonshire

Location   Northampton Road, at junction with Springfield Street and opposite Welland Park Road,  Little Bowden, Market Harborough

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   1864

Year closed   Unknown

Century of Operation   1800-1899

Building Type   Police Station and Magistrates Court

Remarks   Now believed to have been converted to offices. Although the village is now in Leicestershire, Little Bowden originally belonged to Northamptonshire.


'In the Northampton Mercury of Saturday 5th September 1863 was an advertisement for builders to submit tenders for the building of a new Police Station and Magistrates Room at Little Bowden, with separate tenders needed for both. In the Northampton Mercury of Saturday 22nd October 1864 it was stated that the Chief Constable had taken possession of the station and placed an inspector and constable there. In the Northampton Mercury of Saturday 7th January 1865 it was reported that the Magistrates took possession of the Magistrates Room on 13th December 1864. Little Bowden Police Station on Northampton Road, Market Harborough is still standing and, I believe, is now used for private offices. My great great grandfather, William Clarke Tye (1831 - 1894) was born at Rushton, Northamptonshire. He married Eliza Loasby there in 1854 and they went on to have 6 children. William joined the Northamptonshire Police on 11th January 1858 and served at Daventry, Wellingborough and Little Bowden. He was promoted to Inspector on 1st March 1863. In 1869 was approved as Inspector of Weights and Measures for Little Bowden and in 1878 was promoted to Superintendent of the Kettering Division. He retired on a pension in October 1880 and the next month took over the Freemasons Arms in St. Mary's Road (at that time was given as in Great Bowden but now Market Harborough). He died on 24th July 1894 and is buried in Little Bowden Churchyard where he is commemorated with a very fine headstone.'

Notes from Leigh Tayler, family historian and descendent of William Clarke Tye.

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