Lingfield Lock Up




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Alternative Names   Lingfield Cage, Lingfield Gaol

Nation   England

County   Surrey

Location   junction of Plaistow Road and Gun Pit Road  Lingfield

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   1773

Year closed   1882

Century of Operation   1700-1799, 1800-1899

Building Type   Lock Up

Remarks   Attached to St Peter's Cross


'The monument includes St Peter’s Cross with adjoining village cage or lock-up situated at the junction of the roads leading to Lingfield village and Dormansland. The cross was erected by Sir Reginald Cobham in around 1437 to mark the boundary between Putlenden and Builleshurst Manors. Only the pedestal remains, which forms an obelisk about 6m high. The adjoining lock-up, a sandstone building with a Horsham slab roof, was added in 1773. It has a square-stepped tower to the south and a cell with planked door to the north. According to documentary sources, the former lock-up was last used in 1882.'

Historic England, National Heritage List for England, 'Village Cage and St Peter's Cross, LEN 1005942' (

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  • ExteriorPhoto © Richard Rogerson (cc-by-sa/2.0)


    Roy's Blog, 'Surrey. Lock-ups at Charlwood, Ewell, Lingfield, Petersham and Reigate' (2 July 2013)

  • Historic England, National Heritage List for England, 'Village Cage and St Peter's Cross, LEN 1005942'



Archive name: Surrey History Centre

Catalogue ref: 4348/2/34/3


Description: Watercolour of Plaistow Street, Lingfield, showing the Cage or Gaol

Dates: 1822

Archive name: Surrey History Centre

Catalogue ref: 6316/6323 


Description: Francis Frith photograph of Lingfield, pond and Gaol

Dates: 1895


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