Hertford Borough Police Station




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Nation   England

County   Hertfordshire

Location   Mill Bridge, The Wash,  Hertford

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   c.1836

Year closed   1881

Century of Operation   1800-1899

Building Type   Police Station

Remarks   Hertford Borough Police moved to 1 Queen's Road in 1881 (see separate listing) and merged with Hertfordshire Constabulary in 1889. Mill Bridge police station was demolished and the Six Templars pub now stands on the site.


'[in 1836], the Watch Committee decided 'for the better and more effectual protection of the property of the Inhabitants and preservation of the public peace' to establish a borough police force...The police station, built in The Wash soon after the force was set up, proved too small once Hertfordshire adopted the County Police Act [in 1841]...Hertford strongly resisted amalgamation with the county police...[and]...managed to prevent the move for another 50 years '

Jacqueline Cooper, 'Hertford, A History'. Chichester: Phillimore, 2007, pp.111-112.

'A police station was hastily built at Mill Bridge [c.1836]... At first prisoners were routinely left alone in the police station until a near fatal incident in 1847 prompted a change in procedure....the mayor concluded it was the council's responsibility to ensure the building was manned by an officer at all times, so that prisoners might be properly supervised... He promptly commisioned an extension of the building, so as to provide living quarters for a constable... and that further consideration of a toilet might be given in future....The building finally closed as a police station in 1881... The Six Templars public house currently occupies the site.'

A. C. Wiseman., ‘The History of Police Stations in Hertfordshire’. Stroud: The History Press, 2017, pp.57-60.

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  • The Six Templars, HertfordPhoto © JThomas (cc-by-sa/2.0)


    Jacqueline Cooper, 'Hertford, A History'. Chichester: Phillimore, 2007.
  • A. C. Wiseman., ‘The History of Police Stations in Hertfordshire’. Stroud: The History Press, 2017.


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