Hatfield Broad Oak Gaol



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Alternative Names   Hatfield Broad Oak Cage, Dungell (i.e. Dungeon)

Nation   England

County   Essex

Location   top of Feathers Hill (abutting Priory Farm),  Hatfield Broad Oak

Map location   exact or closely approximate

Year opened   c1834

Year closed   1876

Century of Operation   1800-1899

Building Type   Lock-Up, Stocks

Remarks   Consisted of an open cage and a "Dungell" (dungeon) which was used to hold more dangerous prisoners


'According to the Hatfield Broad Oak Millenium History, "wippin" stocks were known to have existed at "Cage End" or Musebrook (Musbrook) Street in 1788 as a bill for their painting is in existence-the charge was 2/-. The stocks were next to the village "cage" which was a wooden structure with a tiled roof. Prisoners were secured by means of "16 links and a large ring and staple". The Cage was demolished in 1773 due to delapidation and rebuilt (receipt dated 6 July gives the cost as £2 9 7 1/2. By 1834 it had fallen into disrepair again and there is a report of the last prisoner to be incarcerated destroyed the roof in protest at the conditions. With the destruction of the Cage a new Gaol was constructed in brick at the top of Feathers Hill (abutting Priory Farm). There was an open cage and a "Dungell" (dungeon) which was used to hold more dangerous prisoners whilst awaiting transfer to the County Gaol in Chelmsford. The cage was demolished in 1876 by which time the stocks had also disappeared. A grate that appears to be part of the prison was last seen in the early 20th century.'

Hatfield Broad Oak Millennium History

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    Hatfield Broad Oak Millennium History


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