Coventry Borough Lock Up



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Nation   England

County   Warwickshire

Location   unknown  Coventry

Map location   in the vicinity

Year opened   unknown

Year closed   unknown

Century of Operation   1800-1899

Building Type   Police Station


'This building continues in the same discreditable condition in which it has been for many years past ...It occupies an area not exceeding fifteen feet square, and serves the joint purposes of a lock up house and police station. The lower floor, consisting of a single room, is the station, two flors above being devoted to prisoners. The communication from the police room to the cells is be a steep wooden staircase, one two feet wide, up which it is dangerous to convey prisoners who make any resistance, and the accounts I have heard from time to time of serrious injust having been sustained by officers performing this part of their duty are easy of belief. The cells are four in number, two on each of the upper floors, their dimensions being seven feet nine inches by six feet seven inches, with a height varying from eight feet to eight feet six inches. Each cell has a strongly grates window, measuring fifteen inches square, which is the only inlet for air, and as the iron bars occupy much of this space, the opening for ventilation is even less than the above measurement would indicate. A bench suited in size for only one person occupies one side of each cell, so that whatever may be the number in confinement, all but one must sleep on the ground. There are no waterclosets, but each cell is provided with a tub, which is emptied daily by an officer. With the imperfect ventilation above described, the state of the atmosphere to which the arrangement just referred to gives rise may easily be conceived.'

Inspectors of Prisons of Great Britain III. Southern and Western District, Seventeenth Report (Parl. Papers, 1852, XXIV.1), p.34

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    Inspectors of Prisons of Great Britain III. Southern and Western District, Seventeenth Report (Parl. Papers, 1852, XXIV.1), p.34


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