Coldstream Lock-up House



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Alternative Names   Coldstream Prison

Nation   Scotland

County   Berwickshire

Location    Coldstream

Map location   in the vicinity

Year opened   c.1810

Year closed   unknown

Century of Operation   1800-1899

Building Type   Lock-Up


'The prison at Coldstream is used as a lock-up house merely, but it is one of the best prisons of its size that I have seen in Scotland, though this, to be sure, can be said without implying much praise. It was built about 20 years ago, and is in a good situation, standing back from the street, and so screened as to be out of public view. The site appears to be quite dry. The building is in a yard or garden, surrounded by a wall; this wall, however, is not high, and the gate is weak, so that any one determined to get to the prison would not have much difficulty unless he was observed. There are two small rooms for prisoners, and two rooms for the keeper and his family; those for the prisoners being on the ground floor, and those for the keeper being above them. The prisoners' rooms are each 12 feet long, 8 feet broad, and 8 feet high, and contain about 750 cubic feet. They are dry, and each of them has an open fire place, but in neither of them is the window glazed. I found both of the rooms tolerably clean ... For bedding, the prisoners are allowed two double blankets and some loose straw, except drunken vagrants, who get nothing beyond loose straw ... The keeper is a shoemaker, and he attends to the prisoners in return for the house-room which is given him,'

Inspectors of Prisons of Great Britain IV. Scotland, Northumberland and Durham, Third Report (Parl. Papers, 1837-38, XXXI.299), p. 21

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    Inspectors of Prisons of Great Britain IV. Scotland, Northumberland and Durham, Third Report (Parl. Papers, 1837-38, XXXI.299), p. 21


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